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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Having fun at Two Palms Nursing Home in Pasadena

On Monday, a group of people from the A-1 Home Care/ A-1 Domestic Professional Services corporate family took a trip to Two Palms Nursing Center to have a day of activities and fun with the seniors for holiday crafts.

We made a lot of cool, new friends. Apparently, there was a lot of artistic talent in our midst, because we saw an amazing turnout, and lots of beautiful, glittery art pieces come from the minds of these elderly Michelangelos.

This is Verne, who was a talker. He told us stories about his exciting life as an airplane mechanic, and funny anecdotes about living on a farm with 10 brothers and sisters.
We were so happy to get the opportunity to interact and play with the people living at the center. After the hour was up, there were reluctant protests from seniors who wanted to continue decorating! We were super flattered, and had a hard time cleaning up to go.

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