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Friday, June 27, 2014

Senior Caregivers and the Big Question - When to Take Away the keys?

One of the most common misconceptions about aging concerns the correlation with age and the ability to drive. Oftentimes, people will falsely assume that old age in and of itself impairs one from driving safely. Although it certainly is common to see the elderly being driven by their guardians and caretakers, this does not mean that driving skills diminishes automatically with age. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite of what the general public would have you believe: 15-19 year old teenagers are more at risk to suffer from car accidents. The main reason as to why there is an issue with driving ability and old age is because old age tends to bring about cataracts in the eye, and changes in the brain that would affect the ability to drive. However, the taking away of driving privileges signifies the taking away of independence and freedom. For that reason, it is important to approach the topic carefully. When considering taking away the keys, try the following first:

1) Take a ride with them.
Check to see if your loved ones make responsible choices when driving or if they are making turns correctly and driving at an appropriate speed.

2) Accompany them to see a medical professional.
Have them check your loved one's vision and ask them to make their best judgments on abilities to drive. This way, if you experience some resistance to the idea of losing driving privileges, you can have some support from the doctor's advice.

3) Explain yourself and be there for them.
Although you are deciding a very crucial matter, you need to remind them that you are taking responsibility in their best interests. Offer to be their support and be there for them.

These are just some of the important issues that surround seniors and the elderly and which caregivers must familiarize themselves with, As a senior caregiver agency, A-1 Home Care understands how these matters can affect both elders and their families, and because of that we ensure that our live in and in home caregivers are also empathetic with these circumstances. Not only are our senior home health aides trained with 2 years of senior caregiver experience (including Companion Care and After Surgery Care), they are also compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the elderly and physically disabled. It because of our standard of caregivers that we have been serving families in Alta Dena since 1991

For more questions about elder care or senior caregivers, call our office at 626 287 0250. You can also visit our website at Alta Dena In Home Care or give us a like on Facebook!.

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